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21–24 April 2024 // Conrad Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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WS-08: IEEE 1st International Workshop on 6G for Connected and Immersive Intelligence

WS-08: IEEE 1st International Workshop on 6G for Connected and Immersive Intelligence

This workshop is endorsed by the One6G Association ( and aims to become a forum to address technological research in support of the usage scenarios defined for the IMT-2030 vision, namely, (i) immersive communication, massive communication, and hyper-reliable and low-latency communication). (ii) coverage extension (e.g., ubiquitous connectivity), and (iii) service extension beyond communication.

The workshop will allow for exchanging new ideas, for identifying future directions, and put in perspective major enablers of next generation innovation with the potential to fundamentally transform our economy, way of living and communicating and society. In line with its objectives, the workshop will solicit submissions from all research areas related to 6G connectivity for the metaverse, as well as the corresponding systems and applications. This workshop aims to bring researchers from industry and academia working in the following area but not limited to:

  • Ultra-low-time communications.
  • Green communications for immersive applications.
  • Integrated Sensing and Communications.
  • Integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and communications.
  • Holographic communications and applications.
  • B5G/6G for Metaverse applications.
  • Zero-trust security for 6G-enabled immersive applications.
  • Digital twin modeling and rendering.
  • Computing over mobile devices for the Metaverse.
  • Quality of service and quality of experience for immersive applications.
  • 6G Connectivity for the Metaverse applications in different domains, such as industry, intelligent transportation systems, healthcare, education.
  • AI and ML for immersive and intelligent connectivity.
  • Federated learning and analytics for Metaverse applications.

Tentative date: 24 April, 2024 Afternoon, half-day workshop

Keynote Speakers: 

  1. Prof. Ana Garcia Armada, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain
  2. Dr Arman Shojaeifard, InterDigital, UK

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