IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
21–24 April 2024 // Conrad Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Wireless Communications for Growing Opportunities



9:00 - 15:30

Meeting Room: Ballroom E, Level 4

Chair: Marco Gramaglia


9:00 - 10:30

Keynote: Volker Ziegler (Senior Advisor & Chief Architect, Nokia)

Title: Architecture to shape the 6G future

Abstract: The evolution of architecture will shape the 6G future characterized by the interplay of network and digital economy. Key value drivers will include sustainability, security and privacy as well as digital inclusion and with broad impact on a variety of ecosystems. In this keynote the network architecture for the 2030s will be described. 6G architectural principles will be analyzed. Pivotal enabling architectural attributes such as AI nativeness, energy efficiency, multi-cloud nativeness, open and flexible programmability as well as security and trust will be highlighted. We need clarity on 6G “Day 1” readiness requirements to assure an architectural evolution for smooth migration anchored in simplicity while assuring basic functionality. 6G architecture will enable use case phasing with initial focus on immersive MBB, XR and dependable RT, 3D networks (TN/NTN), low Power LAN & WAN IoT as well as lean Industrial IoT. Simplification means SA-only architecture. However, architectural evolution does not stop there and innovative options for 6G architectural innovation beyond Day 1 deserve attention in dimensions such as novel network functional paradigms, Cloud&Network OS, Cloud Network fusion, Cloud RAN architecture, RAN-CN interface as well as integrated communications and sensing. New architectural options under study include novel RAN-CN along with distributed NAS, evolution of User Plane, network slicing and QoS/QoE framework evolution as well as the option of specialized sub-networks. Collaboration and interoperability are key and now is the time to jointly create the architectural platform that will form the basis for 6G standardization.

Bio: Volker is a purpose-driven, energetic and strategic leader with 25+ years of broad and
international experience in the telecommunications industry. He currently serves as Senior
Advisor and Chief Architect in Nokia Strategy and Technology unit. Previously, Volker has
exercised a leadership role with Nokia Bell Labs in 6G research and ecosystem. Prior to this,
he has served as Head of 5G Leadership and Chief Architect of Nokia Mobile Networks.


6GArch1: 6G Architecture roadmap

Bridging the Gap Between 6G Technologies and Societal Values: A Comprehensive Analysis of Key Value Indicators (KVIs)

Hassan Osman; Julie Bradford; Stuart Mitchell

6G Architecture for Enabling Predictable, Reliable and Deterministic Networks: the PREDICT6G Case

Péter Szilágyi; Luis M. Contreras; David Rico Menéndez; Pietro Giardina; Antonio de la Oliva

ETHER: A 6G Architectural Framework for 3D Multi-Layered Networks

Konstantinos Ntontin; Lechosław Tomaszewski; Joan Adria Ruiz-de-Azua; Andrés Cárdenas; Roger Pueyo Centelles; Chih-Kuang Lin; Agapi Mesodiakaki; Angelos Antonopoulos; Nikolaos Pappas; Marco Fiore; Sergio Aguilar; Simon Watts; Philip Harris; Rita Santiago; Fotis Lazarakis; Monique Calisti; Symeon Chatzinotas


11:00 - 12:30

6GArch2: 6G Architectural bricks

Native Support of AI Applications in 6G Mobile Networks via an Intelligent User Plane

Susanna Schwarzmann; Tugce Erkilic Civelek; Antonio Iera; Daniel Corujo; George T. Karetsos; Riccardo Guerzoni; Osama Abboud; Andres Meseguer Valenzuela; Riccardo Trivisonno; Mattia Giovanni Spina; Thomas Zinner; Toktam Mahmoodi

6G Function Modularity: Benefits, Challenges, and Options

Özgür Umut Akgül; Slawomir Kuklinski; Mårten Ericson; Hasanin Harkous; Roberto Querio; Antonio Varvara; Bassem Arar; Bahare Masood Khorsandi; Stefan Wänstedt; Riccardo Bassoli; Frank H.P. Fitzek

Signaling Priority Reconstruction for Micro-serviced AMF in 6G

JiHang Chen; Luhan Wang; Yu Liu; Zhaoming Lu

Panel: Network Sustainability

Panelists (TBC) :  Volker Ziegler (Nokia), Mir Ghoraishi (Gigasys Solutions), Konstantinos Ntontin (University of Luxembourg)

Moderator: Marco Gramaglia (UC3M)


14:00 - 15:30

6GArch3: Wireless and TSN

Design of Scalable Population of Reinforcement Learning Agents for Autonomous 5G Radio Link Control

John Cosmas; Kareem Ali; Ali Mahbas; Prince Boakye; John Marques Miguel; Alexandre Kazmierowski; Victor Gabillon; Lewis Sear

Spectral Efficiency Analysis of Downlink Cell-free RAN System with Zero-Forcing Beamforming

Xie Tan; Xinjiang Xia; ZhiHao Gu; Yunlong Li; Zhaotao Zhang; Dongming Wang; Xiaohu You

Nonlinearity-Aware End-to-End Learning Architecture for Next Generation Wireless Backhaul

Peyman Neshaastegaran; Ming Jian

Carrier Phase-Based Localization Method for TDD Systems via Extended Kalman Filter

Zixiang Peng; Shaoshuai Fan; Hui Tian

Substitute Presenter: Rui Ma (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China)

Federated Beamforming with Subarrayed Planar Arrays for B5G/6G LEO Non-Terrestrial Networks

M Rabih Dakkak; Daniel Gaetano Riviello; Alessandro Guidotti; Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli

Formation and Assertion of Data Unit Groups in 3GPP Networks with TSN and PDU Set Support

Sebastian Robitzsch; Chathura Sarathchandra; Michael Starsinic; Xavier de Foy