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21–24 April 2024 // Conrad Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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WS-07: 2nd Workshop on Integrated, Intelligent and Ubiquitous Connectivity for 6G Networks

WS-07: 2nd Workshop on Integrated, Intelligent and Ubiquitous Connectivity for 6G Networks

Scope and Topics

The recently adopted IMT-2030 framework by ITU-R envisions 6G networks to provide intelligent, deep, holographic and ubiquitous connectivity integrating communication, sensing, computation, and localization functionalities with native artificial intelligence (AI) to enable extremely immersive user experience, multisensory XR applications, industry 4.0, and 3D global coverage of the Earth. Important technological trends being explored in this context in the 6G Flagship Projects Hexa-X/X-II include integrated sensing, communication and localization, integrated terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks, ultra-wideband communication, reconfigurable intelligent and holographic surfaces (RIS/RHS), dynamic spectrum sharing, next generation multiple access, connect-and-compute network infrastructure and mobile edge computing. Data and information, AI, and machine learning (ML) have emerged as key enablers to optimize these emerging paradigms and enable mobile connected intelligence.

Aligning with Hexa-X-II’s activities to realize integrated, intelligent and ubiquitous (IIU) connectivity in 6G, this workshop will explore the integration and management of emerging technological trends including integrated AI and communication; integrated sensing, communication, computing and control; smart radio environments enabled by RISs and holographic radios; and integrated non-terrestrial-to-terrestrial connectivity. These solutions can be applied across the radio spectrum, from sub-6 GHz to THz frequencies with massive antenna arrays, and can be intertwined with emerging paradigms such as internet-of-things (IoT), internet-of-everything (IoE), internet-of-intelligent-things (IoIT), internet-of-space-things (IoST) and vehicle to everything (V2X). The challenges that emerge on the road to provide IIU 6G connectivity, such as spectrum and hardware reuse of the systems, network security and privacy issues, wireless backhaul management, next generation multiple access, waveform/precoder/receiver design and more, will also be explored in this workshop.

The 2nd Workshop on Integrated, Intelligent and Ubiquitous Connectivity for 6G Networks will take place at IEEE WCNC 2024, UAE. It will provide a forum for sharing multidisciplinary contributions to the development of 6G networks that integrate communication, sensing, localization and computation functionalities under connected intelligence and provide seamless ubiquitous connectivity. In this context, we seek to assemble crosscutting and high-quality original research papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • AI, machine/deep learning for intelligent and deep connectivity
  • Pervasive network intelligence for 6G networks
  • Blockchain-based solutions for decentralized 6G connectivity and networking
  • Digital twins for 6G connectivity simulation and modeling
  • Network security and privacy in IIU 6G networks
  • Integrated sensing, localization and communication in 6G
  • IIU connectivity at sub-6 GHz to mmWave and THz bands
  • Ultra-massive MIMO, holographic MIMO for IIU connectivity
  • RISs enabled IIU 6G connectivity
  • Integrated terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks for ubiquitous connectivity
  • IoT, IoE, IoIT, and IoST in 6G
  • Next-generation multiple access schemes for IIU connectivity
  • Channel modeling, estimation, and tracking in IIU 6G networks
  • Wireless backhaul, integrated access & backhaul in IIU 6G networks
  • Mobile edge computing for integrated communication and computing

Important Dates

  • Workshop Paper Submission Deadline: 22 Dec 2023 14 Jan 2024 (FIRM)
  • Paper Acceptance Notification: 26 Jan 2024
  • Camera Ready: 2 Feb 2024
  • Accepted Author Registration Deadline: 2 Feb 2024

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Workshop Chairs

Prof. Aryan Kaushik, University of Sussex, UK
Prof. Qurrat-Ul-Ain Nadeem, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE
Prof. Mingzhe Chen, University of Miami, USA
Prof. Anas Chaaban, University of British Columbia, Canada
Prof. Hina Tabassum, York University, Canada