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WS-01: Optical Wireless Communications Workshop

WS-01: Optical Wireless Communications Workshop


Welcome to the IEEE WCNC 2023 Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications!

Based on the success achieved in the 1st edition held within IEEE WCNC'23, the 2nd Workshop on Optical Wireless Communications aims to focus on the continuous advancements in wireless communication technologies, with the goal of achieving higher speeds, lower latency, increased reliability, and broader coverage. The growing number of connected mobile devices and the strain on the limited radio frequency (RF) resources make it crucial to explore alternative parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Advancements in solid-state light sources and detectors have propelled optical wireless communications (OWC) to the forefront of future wireless technologies. OWC offers various advantages over conventional RF systems, such as cellular and Wi-Fi networks. These advantages include a wide unregulated spectrum, higher cell density, enhanced physical layer security, high transmission speeds, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. However, the unique properties of optical wave propagation present specific challenges in designing and implementing OWC systems. Addressing these challenges involves establishing accurate and practical models for the optical transmission channel and the associated performance bounds. It also requires developing novel data transmission schemes, medium access control protocols, interference mitigation approaches, and physical layer security techniques tailored to the optical channel models and characteristics. This workshop will bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry to share their latest work on OWC systems and networks